Andrew Boraine

A window of opportunity: Connecting immediate responses around the Covid-19 food crisis to long-term food systems change

A Talk by Andrew Boraine (CEO, Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (EDP))

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Food insecurity in Cape Town and the Western Cape existed before Covid-19, but the pandemic has made things far worse. There was a ‘failure to feed’ by national government during the past months, but civil society and the Western Cape Government, amongst others, mobilised a massive effort to provide the necessary short-term food relief in poor and vulnerable communities. This effort was in part coordinated by the Western Cape NGO-Government Food Relief Coordination Forum, convened by the EDP. New relationships have been built, and a number of partnering lessons can be shared. The current food crisis under the Covid pandemic continues, with increasing needs and declining resources in both the public sector and civil society. At the same time emergency food aid is not sustainable, and we need to transition to a position of long-term food and nutrition security. Can we build on innovative civil society mobilisation during the crisis to advance a food and nutrition system change agenda? Who needs to work together to make this happen?


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27 July 2020, 08:00 AM

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Andrew Boraine

Andrew Boraine

CEO, Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (EDP)

Andrew Boraine is the CEO of the EDP. He has been involved in South Africa’s local government, urban and economic development and transition processes for the past 35 years, as activist, advisor, negotiator, government planner, city manager, chief executive, facilitator, communicator, writer and photographer.