Funmilola Adeniyi

The constitutional right to food

A Talk by Funmilola Adeniyi (Researcher, Dullah Omar Institute)

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The right to food is enshrined in the South African Consitution, specifically section 27(1)(b) and 28(1). The Right to Food (RTF) protects the right for all people to have access to safe and nutritious foods at all times. This places the responsibility on the government to ensure that there is enough food nationally but also that the food is safe and meets dietary requirements. Throughout the years, the government has introduced several initiatives in order to contribute towards the realisation of food security in the country. Despite these measures, more than half of the South African population has inadequate access to food even though the nation as a whole is deemed food secure. The legal obligation is there. The food is there. Why so much persistent hunger in South Africa?


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28 July 2020, 08:00 AM

08:00 AM - 08:23 AM

About The Speakers

Funmilola Adeniyi

Funmilola Adeniyi

Researcher, Dullah Omar Institute

Funmiola is a lawyer with a cross-sectoral experience, currently a Doctoral researcher with the Socio-Economic Rights Project (SERP) at the Dullah Omar Institute. Her focus area is socio-economic right with particular interest on the right to food, women's access, and access to justice.