Rirhandzu Marivate

Food, farming and nutrition in the curriculum

A Talk by Rirhandzu Marivate (Project Manager, Living Soils Community Learning Farm)

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The existence of malnutrition in South Africa, where obesity and stunting co-exist in the same spaces, is a result of multiple factors, one of which is the lack of meaningful education around nutrition and healthy eating habits. People are also not taught the basics of food cultivation and so remain cut off from food production and dependent on commercial retailers and traders to supply them with whatever is profitable and convenient to sell. How can individuals engage with their communities and have agency in facing these real-world problems? What is the role of schools, and how can food be incorporated into the curriculum in such a way that it encourages a holistic understanding of food systems, as well as a hands on approach to issues in communities?


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28 July 2020, 08:00 AM

08:00 AM - 08:09 AM

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Rirhandzu Marivate

Rirhandzu Marivate

Project Manager, Living Soils Community Learning Farm

Rirhandzu Marivate is the project manager for the Living Soils Community Learning Farm, that is situated in the Lynedoch Valley, Stellenbosch. The project helps address issues of local food insecurity by contributing to feeding 200 vulnerable children that attend various SI educational programmes, through their feeding scheme, as well as at-risk families in the Lynedoch Valley while providing a training platform for young farmers of colour from the local Stellenbosch community.